Iceland (2017)

Published by Steele Roberts

Dominic's debut novel was published by Steele Roberts in June of 2017. The book spent 6 weeks on the bestseller list, was long-listed for the Ockham book awards and listed on the Listeners best books of 2017.

Synopsis: Stuck in a dead-end office job, Zlata hopes for a record deal so she can escape Auckland city. Then at party she meets Hamish, a graffiti artist and part-time drug dealer. Each has their own ideas about the other’s life, and surrounded by a makeshift family of friends and ex-lovers, their dreams of music, art and travel take shape.

But as quickly as things come together, they can be torn apart — unravelling relationships and lives.


Feel Like Shit Looking Great (2015)


Feel Like Shit Looking Great spawned three video clips and the hit "John Key's Son's a DJ".

Synopsis: Presented in the form of a lyric book, designed by delinquent polymath Roy Irwin, Feel Like Shit, Looking Great!, documents Dominic’s journey through the health system, searching for meaning in a neo liberal theme park and the quiet madness and beauty of the New Zealand countryside. 

A collaboration with musical wunderkind, Abraham Kunin, the project is a mix of poetry, stories and the odd rap, over Abraham’s brilliant and often haunting compositions.


Party Tricks and Boring Secrets (2014)


Party Tricks and Boring Secrets was a collaboration between Dominic and Auckland artist Josh Solomon. 

Synopsis: Party Tricks and Boring Secrets is a pink little book crammed full of art, poetry and prose.