Reading Iceland (The Wireless)

Dominic and inter-dimensional witch Drew Blood read from Dominic’s debut novel Iceland.


I Can't Light A Fire

A poem in the rain from forthcoming poetry book "I Thought We'd Be Famous".



Hotel Room

Poem from Dominic's upcoming poetry book "I Thought We'd Be Famous". Music by Gemma Syme and Nick Harte (Shocking Pinks).


The Event (KRD Stories)

Written by Dominic and directed by Eddy Fifield, 'The Event' follows an exceptionally hungover Seff as he tries to piece together fragments of the night before as he is accosted on all sides by assorted locals.


The New New Zealand

Reading and video from "Feel Like Shit, Looking Great".


No Losers @ Winz

Video from 'Feel Like Shit, Looking Great!'


Losing (Loading Docs)

While preparing for a live performance, Dominic reflects on his losing battle with a degenerative bone disease.

Directed by Stjohn Milgrew and Damian Golfinopoulos.